Nationally Recognized Programs

Our patient care efforts at Southwest Idaho Advanced Care Hospital have earned us national recognition as a healthcare leader, meaning that we provide the highest level of available care nationwide to our patients in our own community. We consider it privilege to be able to offer high-level care and are honored to be a vital part of the community we serve.

Recognized nationally for respiratory care services.

Respiratory therapists at Southwest Idaho Advanced Care Hospital work closely with physicians and staff to provide a wide range of services to patients such as ventilator weaning, tracheostomy care, and pulmonary disease management.

These efforts have earned us the national Quality Respiratory Care Recognition (QRCR) from the American Association for Respiratory Care. This designation is given to facilities that meet strict safety and quality standards related to providing respiratory care. Our hospital is among 700 nationwide – or 15 percent – to receive this recognition.

The American Association for Respiratory Care started this program in 2003 to help patients and families make informed decision about the quality of respiratory care available in hospitals.

To qualify for the recognition, a hospital has to meet certain requirements, including:

  • Respiratory care therapists are available 24 hours a day, with all legally recognized or credentialed to provide respiratory care services;
  • Respiratory care therapists provide patient assessments and make clinical recommendations regarding service needs and plans of care;
  • A competency-based training program in place for all personnel administering respiratory care;
  • A physician is designated as medical director of respiratory care services, who consistently reviews plans of care for respiratory patients.

QRCR hospitals such as Southwest Idaho Advanced Care Hospital meet stringent national standards and guidelines for respiratory care services, validating that they embrace the ever-present challenge of achieving maximum, measurable results for their patients.